Taco Pump Accessories ACCU-FLO Balancing Valves for Sale

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ACCU-FLO Balancing Valves
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Taco Pump Accessories ACCU-FLO Balancing Valves  for Sale

When you need it Today ! - We have Taco Differential Bypass Valves for sale. Pump Express offers overnight shipping of all Taco circulators, Taco pumps, Taco pump parts and Taco pump products in stock. You can save by ordering direct from our Taco distribution warehouse. For help selecting the right Taco pump and pump replacement parts call our Taco Pump Help Line at 1-800-298-4100. Taco Accu-Flo Balancing Valves raise the bar for accuracy and dependability and as a result you will experience greater balancing accuracy than ever before. Most conventional balancing valves use a variable orifice that delivers poor balancing accuracy, high pressure drops , low regains, and an inability to read low flows. The Taco Accu-Flo uses a modified venturi design, instead. The result is four to five times greater accuracy. The Taco Accu-Flo combines superior design and engineering, precision machining and 100% factory testing to provide you with the highest quality fixed-port venturi balancing valve on the market today.
Key Features:
  • 4-5 Times Greater Accuracy Compared to conventional variable orifice balancing valves
  • Flow Measurement Independent of Stem and Ball Position
  • Tamper-Resistant Memory Stop for Accurate Resetting
  • Calibrated Nameplate for Presetting
  • All Brass Interior Parts
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Additional Information (PDF):

ACCU-FLO Balancing Valves Specification ACCU-FLO Balancing Valves Specification
ACCU-FLO Balancing Valves Product Brochure ACCU-FLO Balancing Valves Product Brochure

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Taco Pump Accessories ACCU-FLO Balancing Valves for Sale